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Plasson’s extensive range of solutions for connecting PE pipe is found in over 80 countries world-wide. The combination of Plasson’s high quality products & first class customer service make it a world leader in the production of plastic pipe fittings.



Working side by side with PDF catalog

Working side by side with PDF catalog

  • Plasson ElectroFusion Revit fittings contain attributes with technical data and essential information for both the design stage and lifecycle of the building.
  • Each fitting has data about available sizes, material, standards.
  • On the properties panel, you can find a unique Product Code and weight of each fitting.
  • Depending on the pipe diameter, different geometry representation appears, according to the PDF catalog.
  • While selecting a fitting, in the properties panel you can see the "family" number. to find more information regarding the fitting, you can search for this number in the PLASSON PDF catalog.
  • Extra notes and recommendations for installation appear on the "Family" page as well.
  • In the PDF catalog, you can also find recommended equipment and tools for the fittings installations.


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