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Covid-19 Statement

Published: 27-03-2020
Information relating to our status, primarily with specific regard to potential supply issues.
Unsurprisingly, we are receiving multiple requests for information relating to our status, primarily with specific regard to potential supply issues.
Plasson (worldwide) started taking precautions at a very early stage, even before it became apparent how wide and fast the pandemic would spread and start to affect us all, both in business and our personal lives.
Plasson UK.
Since 9th March, our office and warehouse have been isolated from each other, with no staff movement between the two.
All office personnel are equipped with the necessary resources to enable them to carry out their normal tasks remotely. This includes answering telephones, emails, processing orders etc.
Following 2 days of robust (successful) testing, from 16th March there has only been 1 employee from each of the 3 functions (operations, sales, accounts) in the office at anyone time.
Any interaction with delivery / collection drivers has been done taking all possible precautions, minimising / distancing contact.
We have contingency plans in place should the current warehouse team be affected with ‘other’ staff who can take their place.
Plasson Manufacturing.
Similar to above, significant actions have been taken at many levels. With regard to production, we have plenty of raw material and for the vast majority of lines there is enough material to enable several months uninterrupted manufacture. The only areas we have noted as higher risk are some items with metal parts, however, these as you will know are a miniscule part of our portfolio and there are alternative products available should the need arise in future.
You are already aware that we keep exceptional stock levels in the UK. Additional product has been ordered and is on its way to reinforce this position. It is our intention to maintain these higher levels until the situation returns to normal.
The highest risk level for us is non Plasson (external sources,) such as the carriers and freight forwarders, which obviously, is outside our control. Currently, there are no issues.
If really necessary, collections could be arranged from our Burgess Hill facility.
Clearly, this is a dynamic situation that is constantly changing. However, as things stand currently, we are not anticipating any issues that cannot be overcome to continue with our supply chain in the normal manner.
If there are any significant changes that may affect our ability to meet your normal demands, we will notify the market immediately.
It goes without saying, our primary focus is the health and wellbeing of us all.
Miron Givon
Plasson UK General Manager