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We are delighted to formally launch the new and industry changing PLASSON MCP System.

Two new core products have been introduced:

  • PLASSON MCP (meter connection point)
  • PLASSON Manifold System


What is the Plasson MCP System?

The PLASSON MCP system allows the installation of a water meter for individual properties in houses & multi-dwelling buildings as required by guidelines and requirements of the UK Water Utility companies and the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations:

  • Isolate the incoming water supply / boosted water main.
  • Split incoming water supply by way of manifold
  • Isolate water supply to individual dwelling
  • Provide connection point for class D volumetric water meter. (normally supplied by Water Utility company)
  • Provide backflow prevention, with serviceable double check valve (ED suitable for fluid category 3)
  • Provide a drain point for the property, with the individual property main isolated
  • Allow connection to all proprietary plumbing pipework systems

Why are we changing our current offer?

For many years, PLASSON have been at the forefront of developing and supplying fittings and accessories specifically tailored for the UK Water Utility company requirements.  In 2011 a major Utility company changed policy, requiring the installation position of a water meter to be inside the property of new houses and new connections, rather than the traditional below ground boundary location. PLASSON were requested to develop a meter carrier that would meet the design requirements of the Utility company and Water Regulation 4 for this internal above ground installation.

The introduction of the PLASSON ‘3517’ meter mount kit met with great success and soon led to a further request; a solution for multi-occupancy apartments and flats which required additional components to the single house product. In 2014, the multi occupancy version was introduced. In the last decade, over 250,000 water meters have been installed utilising the various PLASSON meter mount kits.

An add on to the multi-occupancy offer, was the existing range of Plasson manifolds.  Originally designed for below ground installation, they rapidly became a popular solution for dividing the incoming water supply within plant rooms and riser cupboards.

Despite this fantastic success, PLASSON knew there could be an even better solution; after 4 hard years of research, design, customer feedback, further development and finally exhaustive testing and gaining of approvals, PLASSON are proud to bring to market the brand new PLASSON MCP unit.

The new product is far more compact and technically advanced than the current offer and provides the installer and building stakeholders with many advantages and benefits. The Plasson manifold system is also changing. A complete new and flexible offer is available now.


Developed as a monobloc design unit to allow quick and easy installation:

The new MCP removes the need for several components to be joined together, as per the previous offer.

The new design provides a compact solution and can be supplied with connections to suit the wide variety and size range of pipe systems in use today.

The MCP unit replaces the well known Plasson Multi Kit A & B units which required assembly of the 7 components by the contractor on site.

It also replaces the PLASSON 3517 range, primarily in use at all new and replacement water connections in the United Utilities area, where water meters are installed inside a property rather than the in the traditional external meter box.

The new PLASSON manifold offer brings a totally flexible approach to connecting multiple properties in one location, such as communal riser cupboards and plant rooms.
The 63mm PP-RCT header can be supplied as a one piece unit with between 3 and 16 outlets to suit each installation.
Header connection options for the incoming supply can be by Plasson fitting or 2” MI thread.
Standard options allow for 130mm between outlet connections, or 90mm with staggered connections where installation space is at a premium.
Isolation for the incoming main can be simply added and a drain point can be incorporated if required in the header.
The flexibility of the system means bespoke manifolds can be manufactured to suit specific needs.
The combination of the new MCP unit and the manifold system brings a complete new dimension to the M&E contractor / plumber providing a simple and cost effective system to this often overlooked but vitally important part of any building infrastructure.  The MCP unit is manufactured from high grade engineering polypropylene, and the manifold system from PP-RCT, all components approved to UK Water Reg 4 either by Kiwa KUKreg4 or WRAS approvals.
Combined with the extensive range of PLASSON fittings and Mains Stop Valves, the new PLASSON MCP system provides an unrivalled solution for all stake holders involved in the domestic and commercial mechanical services sector.
Information / data sheets are available for the MCP units now, the manifold information sheet will be ready in the next few days.
A new PLASSON MCP System brochure is currently being developed and will be sent out in the near future.
We hope this explains the change and would be delighted to answer any further questions or discuss further with you at your convenience.
For any immediate enquires, please contact your PLASSON account manager.
January 2022